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Beginner Aquarium Plant Pack

Introducing our Beginner Aquarium Plant Pack - a carefully curated assortment of aquatic plants that will transform your aquarium into a lush underwater paradise! Whether you're new to the world of aquatic gardening or a seasoned enthusiast, this bundle offers a variety of plants to enhance the beauty and health of your aquarium. Valued at $95, this incredible pack is now available at a special sale price of just $49.99, making it an unbeatable value for aquarists of all levels.

Each Beginner Aquarium Plant Pack includes a diverse selection of aquatic plants, chosen to provide a dynamic and visually appealing aquatic environment. While specific plant varieties may vary based on availability, rest assured that we handpick each plant to ensure it meets our high-quality standards. Please note that we are unable to accommodate specific plant requests for this pack, as it is designed to offer a delightful surprise and variety to your aquatic landscape.

Here's what you can expect in your Beginner Aquarium Plant Pack:

  1. 1 x Floating Plant: Add dimension to your aquarium with a captivating floating plant. It provides shelter and shade for your aquatic inhabitants, creating a natural and soothing ambiance.

  2. 1 x Fern Plant: An elegant fern plant adds a touch of grace and charm to your underwater world. Its delicate fronds sway gently with the water's current, creating a mesmerizing effect.

  3. 1 x Anubias Plant: Known for its hardiness and striking green leaves, the Anubias plant is an excellent addition to any aquarium. Its unique appearance will be a focal point in your setup.

  4. 1 x Dwarf Lily or Red Tiger Lotus: Enjoy the vibrant hues of a dwarf lily or red tiger lotus as it produces eye-catching lily pads and radiant flowers, bringing a burst of color to your tank.

  5. 1 x Sword Plant: The sword plant adds a lush, bushy appearance to your aquarium, providing hiding spots and a naturalistic backdrop for your aquatic pets.

  6. 1 x Crypt Plant: Crypts are versatile, low-maintenance plants that offer both beauty and functionality. They enhance the aesthetics of your tank while contributing to the overall health of your aquatic ecosystem.

  7. 1 x Carpeting Plant: Create a stunning foreground with a carpeting plant, which spreads its lush foliage across the substrate, offering shelter and a natural look.

  8. 1 x Banana Plant: Unique in appearance, the banana plant adds a playful twist to your underwater landscape with its banana-like tubers and striking leaves.

  9. 2 x Stem Plant: Stem plants provide vertical interest and help maintain water quality by absorbing excess nutrients, promoting a balanced ecosystem.

With our Beginner Aquarium Plant Pack, you'll have everything you need to kickstart your aquatic garden and create a captivating underwater world for your fish and aquatic creatures. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
E Paulson
Great Value

My plants arrived quickly & look great in my tank! Seriously thinking about ordering another batch. Great value for the $$!

D Stock
Water garden

Very nice. Loved the assortment of aquatic vegetation. I cannot wait for them to fill in and create living spaces for my fish and shrimp. Surprisingly, my fish seem more comfortable and playful darting in and around my new plants. Love to watch them play and chill before lights out.

Great pack

Recieved a nice variety of assorted plants that arrived in great health! Would definitely buy if unsure or undecided on what to plant a tank with

Mary Jones
Beginner Plant Pack

My plants arrived in great condition and I enjoyed the element of surprise. This really elevated my tank and the shrimps are happy!

Nice variety pack

As always with Flip, they went the extra mile (or 5) to ensure the contents were packed well, so my variety pack arrived with all the plants in excellent condition. The "variety" was good too, with short, medium, and tall plants, and even some color variation.