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Banana Stems - Natural Food Source

Banana stems make a great addition to any shrimp tank and to any black water aquarium where they can be used as litter on the bottom of the tank. Banana stems will usually last 2-3 months. They can be removed or left in the aquarium until there is nothing left of them. Banana stems will grow biofilm which is a great food source for shrimp and other algae eaters. 

1 oz and 4 oz portion sizes are available.

Each ouch will contain about 10 banana stems. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Lori Foster
    Banana stems

    They are perfect size. Put in shrimp tank! Thank you

    great product

    they look a little weird but my shrimp and snails swarmed them as soon as i put them in. I also threw a couple in my terrarium just to add something a little different.

    Marci Fox
    Not just for shrimp

    I actually purchased some botanicals for my clown loach and my Cory tanks. I am adding slowly but so far, both types of fish are interacting with all my botanical additions. The clowns and corys both graze for food off of the stems and I’m very pleased with the way they look in the tanks as well. One package provides a lot of stems, so this supply will keep me going for some time and the quality is great!

    Keith V
    Great stuff

    Huge hit with all of my invertebrates

    Theresa Swiderski
    B is for Banana

    The quality and the packaging were on point but the shrimpers couldn’t care less about them. The snails aren’t very fond of them either.

    Hey Theresa,

    Thank you so much for your order and review. I am sorry to hear they didn't like the Banana Stems. Is there any way we could have made this a better experience. If so, please reach out at shipping@flipaquatics.com. I hope you have a great day.

    S is for Samantha:)