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Bacter AE 70g

Bacter AE is hands down the best shrimp food on the market. As a company, Flip Aquatics has been using Bacter AE for over 5 years and its has drastically helped increase the survival rates of our baby shrimp.  

Key Benefits: 

  • Increases Baby Survival Rates in Shrimp
  • Will Not Pollute the Water like Most Other Powdered Foods
  • Promotes the Growth of Biofilm which is Essential
  • Easily Accepted Food for Shrimp Picky Eater

Size: 70g

More Information:

One of the most frequent questions we receive is, “What do you feed your shrimp?”. Although we feed roughly four to six types of foods, Bacter AE is our number one. The reason we feed it more than any other food is this: it works. Bacter AE comes in a white powder form that can be sprinkled directly into the aquarium. It will gradually fall and spread itself throughout the aquarium. By spreading itself around the aquarium, tiny shrimplets can easily feast without worrying about larger shrimp. We have experienced a significant increase in shrimplet survival rates after implementing a regular feeding schedule that included Bacter AE. Also, Bacter AE will not pollute the water in an aquarium unless a person exceeds the recommended dosage drastically.

The question remains though, what exactly is Bacter AE. Bacter AE is a micro powder that adds important microorganisms, amino acids and enzymes to an aquarium. It can enhancing water quality and improve the development of biofilm, which is essential for shrimp. The biofilm created provides them with a valuable food source rich in beneficial proteins which aids in improving the survival rate of young shrimplets. In addition, live probiotic bacteria in Bacter AE improves the nutrient intake of the shrimp and can influence their digestive processes in a positive way.

The contained bacteria in Bacter AE Micro Powder cultures are activated as soon as they come into contact with water. They remove toxic substances and, together with all the other carefully fine-tuned components, they provide your aquarium with a good microclimate.

Amino acids, polysaccarides, xylanase, glucanase, amylase, protease, hemicellulase, Bacillus subtilis, Pediococcus acidilactici (Lactobacillus)

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
David Steele
Baxter AE

My shrimp really love this stuff.

George Levkoff

bacter AE is awesome as is Flip Aquatics. I have purchased shrimp locally 4 times and on the web 3 times and never had success until I bought shrimp from Flip. 100% satisfied

Johnny Lee

good product seems to help baby shrimps

Jarred K. From NY
Bacter AE

Bacter AE is a must for Shrimp owners. It’s hard to get proper shrimp food/supplies from LFS. Glad Flip had what I needed. Great price and really fast shipping. Looking forward to buying from them again! Started cycling a CRS tank, after its nice and seasoned I’ll buy my shrimp from Flip!

Travis Badour

Bacter AE 70g