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Dwarf Baby Tears (HC)

There are many different forms of "Baby Tears" this happens to be the HC or Cuba form. Its one of the smallest aquatic plants in the hobby. It is very demanding for good like and co2. This plant is used in a lot of aquascapes you see as a beautiful foreground plant. It will produce runners to fill in areas and is best left undisturbed.

Scientific Name: Hemianthus Callitrichoides

Sold As: Potted or Stem

Care Level: Difficult 

Lighting Requirement: High

Co2: Needed

Growth Rate: Fast

Origin: Cuba

Tank Placement: Foreground as carpet

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Baby tears

Beautiful little plant. Came a decent size. Growing rapidly. Definitely will order from Flip again.

Jenna Morse
Healthy & Thriving

The Dwarf Baby Tears were healthy and full of color, but on the smaller side. No melt or die off in the first week and seem to be taking off well. It takes time for these little guys to grow but I expect a nice spread soon. Will definitely be ordering again!

Jerry Olson
Great company

Everything came in healthy and alive and everything is doing great

Katie Eaton
Good Overall

The plants were packaged well and arrived alive, but there were not as many healthy sprouts as I thought there would be based on the pictures. But, overall, I got a good amount that were good quality.

Hi Katie!

Thank you so much for your order! We are so sorry you are disappointed with the number of sprouts your plant came with. Once placing the plant in your aquarium it should start to send of new growth in about two weeks. If you have any issues with this plant please reach out to us at and we can help you!


Logan Mathews
Very tiny amount was brown on arrival

I was very unhappy with the look of the plant and the amount was very tiny. It was not enough to plant in a nice patch together. It was no where near the amount or as green as a picture in another review.

Hi Logan

We are so sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with your plant. Please email us at so we can help you!