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Assorted Bonsai Trees - 6 inch

Bonsai Tree Wood

Each piece of bonsai wood (also known as dragon wood, octopuswood, corcovado and yocemite) is selected for unique characteristics. These specific types of driftwood are great additions to scaped nano aquariums as a focal point, or background use. These trees can be decorated with various types of plants in an effort to create underwater trees! In normal circumstances we would recommend that driftwood be boiled, but the construction of these trees makes it undesirable to boiled and could even ruin the tree if done. We recommend soaking the wood prior to addition to the tank.

Dimensions are approximately:
(6 inches tall x 8 inches long x 3 inches wide)

Key Features:

  • Small pieces make it great for aquascaping
  • Unique branches for planting moss or carpeting plants
  • Prepackaged for excellent care during shipping
  • Provide hiding places for tank inhabitants


Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Chris Huber
Best scape piece ever!!!

I’m in love with this bonsai tree. I used some moss balls on the top so it looks like an actual living tree (idea from Aqua pros), and it’s amazing.

Octopuswood Bonsai

I recently bought the 6 inch Octopuswood Bonsai for my 20 gallon. What a beautiful specimen! Very unique and completely worth it. It came carefully wrapped and was all in one piece, nothing broken. I can't wait to put it in my tank. Definitely will be ordering more.

Chad Callender
Perfect Dragonwood Bonzi

I added Java fern to the branches and the shrimp love it! Only had to trim a couple branches to get it to fit in my 4 gallon Biorb tank.

Brittany Darst

Assorted Bonsai Trees - 6 inch

Markus Case
Bonsai Tree

Great value for price. Make sure to soak in a bucket for a couple of days then boil because a lot of brown stuff comes off it. I am super happy with the product. It is pretty one dimensional would recommend for a side piece not a center piece.