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API GH & KH General & Carbonate Hardness Test Kit

The most important parameters in any shrimp tank are GH and KH. These two measurements will directly affect the Ph in an aquarium and what types of fish or shrimp you will be able to keep. GH stands for general hardness and this measurement can be raised by using a product called Salty Shrimp GH+. KH stands for carbonate hardness and you can raise this measurement with Salty Shrimp GH and KH+. KH is what directly influences the stability of Ph in an aquarium so for soft water shrimp it is import to keep KH under 3.

Important Points:

  • GH and KH are the most important parameters for Shrimp Keeping
  • GH is general hardness
  • KH is carbonate hardness
  • A low KH increases the chance of Ph swings
  • Low levels of KH need active substrate to control PH
  • Low GH is suitable for most Caridina Shrimp
  • High GH is suitable for most Neocaridina Shrimp

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews
      Becca Hostetter
      Easy to use!

      Definitely a need for any shrimp keeper!

      Richard Candell
      Shipment Recieved

      Shimp arrived alive and the GH & KH will take time to get formaler with.

      Daniel Woodell
      Excellent troubleshooting tool!

      I thought the source water I was using was good. Until i added cherry shrimp to one tank and noticed molting problems almost immediately. This test kit provided the insight needed to make the proper adjustments to water quality. Now my shrimp are thriving! The fish seem happy with changes as well, especially the corys. Will definitely continue to use this product!

      Works well

      I really enjoy being able to accurately know my water parameters and if your in the same boat, I highly recommend this product.

      Jessica Delmar

      API GH & KH General & Carbonate Hardness Test Kit