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API 5 in 1 Test Kit

The API 5 in 1 Test Strip is the easiest to use testing method for aquariums. All you must do is dip the strip and wait. After a minute or two, you will have your testing results. Although some may argue that the strips are inaccurate, we use these strips most often due to time restrained and have found that they are rather accurate. The test strips give you five parameters: Ph, nitrite, nitrate, general hardness (Gh) and carbonate hardness (Kh). Both general and carbonate hardness are two measurements that we rely a lot on with shrimp.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • No Test Tubes and Water Measuring
  • Easy Color Graph to Measure Parameters
  • 25 Test Strips

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Marylian Daniels
    Great purchase

    No more guessing if the water in my aquarium is safe for my fish/shrimp API 5 in 1 catches any water issue before it becomes a problem. I will keep this on hand at all times

    Aaron Kravitz

    API 5 in 1 Test Kit

    Matt F
    API test strip

    I really like them…super easy to use which makes testing fun.

    Sandra Peña
    Works great; very useful!

    This kit is great, super easy to use and very helpful to monitor the water parameters of the aquarium.

    Florencia Velez-Cortes
    Good, easy and quick

    Arrived quickly and is very convenient. You can just stick it directly into the tank and swish it around, with results in a few seconds. Results are easily interpreted on a key on the container, which is water resistant.