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Anubias Coffeefolia

Anubias Coffeefolia is a great type of Anubias. It is extremely hardy, accepting of low light and is easily attached to driftwood or other decoration in a tank. Coffeefolia has amazing leaves that shows a unique pattern and color. If you're looking for an Anubias that stands out, this is a great plant to buy.

You will receive one portion of Anubias Coffeefolia. Usually, this will include one plant with at least 4 leaves. Portion size may vary. 

Scientific Name: Anubias barteri var. Coffeefolia

Care Level: Easy

Main Benefits:

  • Low light plant for easy maintenance
  • Easy to attach to decoration in the tank for easy growth
  • Helps convert toxins in the water and heavy metals into safe organics 
  • Promotes oxygen rich water
  • Provides hiding places for shrimp and baby shrimp


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Anubias Coffeeflolia

Plants are doing very well. Arrived in excellent condition.
Looking forward to ordering some red cherry shring from your store soon.

Madden Byrne

Anubias Coffeefolia

A great addition to my tank

I bought quite a few plants for a new 20 gallon long setup and Flip Aquatics was running a 25% off coupon or something like that. This anubias was one of the plants I got. It melted back to about 2 leaves quickly but is now thriving being glued to some spiderwood. The roots are growing and I see new leaves every couple days.

Plants arrived very healthy

Due to the heat wave in my area of the country most of my plants arrived looking rough expect for the anubias. However after putting it into my aquarium it's starting to look a little wrinkled. Ill assume it's shock by being in a completely new tank tho.

Brittany Barker
Healthy looking plant

Despite the heat my plants arrived in my anubias looked really good, the leaves kinda look like they're starting to wrinkle but I'll take it as shock adjusting to the new tank.