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Amanda's Curated Botanical Box

Amanda's Curated Botanical Box - Create Enchanting Aquatic Environments

Introducing Amanda's Curated Botanical Box, a thoughtfully assembled collection of natural treasures that will transform your aquarium into a mesmerizing blackwater oasis. Crafted to perfection, this unique assortment of pods, cones, leaves, and bark is designed to infuse your aquatic habitat with the soothing essence of tannins while offering a striking aesthetic appeal.

What's Included:

  • 10 x Large Indian Almond Leaves - Enhance water quality and aesthetics while providing beneficial tannins. $7.99 value
  • 10 x Nano Indian Almond Leaves - Perfectly sized for nano tanks, these leaves impart a touch of elegance to your aquatic environment. $7.50 value
  • 2 x Buddha Nutpod - Add a touch of mystique with these distinctive pods, creating captivating focal points within your aquarium. $5.99 each value
  • 2 x Stericulia Pod - Elevate your underwater landscape with these intricately textured pods, evoking a sense of natural wonder. $5.99 each value
  • 30 x Alder Cones - Create a harmonious habitat by introducing these cones that release tannins and provide hiding spots for aquatic inhabitants. $11.99 value
  • 1 x Cinnamon Bark - Believed by some to possess natural antifungal properties, this bark is great for shrimp tanks. $6.99 value
  • 20 x Casuarina Cones - Introduce a touch of uniqueness with these cones that release tannins and add a captivating touch to your aquatic world. $6.49 value
  • 10 x Banana Stems - Provide shelter and visual interest with these stems that mimic natural aquatic vegetation while providing a food source for scavengers. $4.99 value
  • 10 x Cypress Cones - Elevate the atmosphere of your aquarium with these cones that release tannins and create an enchanting underwater scenery. $4.50 value
  • 10 x Guava Leaves - Enrich your aquatic ecosystem with these leaves that offer both aesthetic charm and beneficial properties. $7.99 value

Total Retail Value: $82.40

Embrace the art of aquarium curation and transform your underwater world into a captivating haven with Amanda's Curated Botanical Box. Limited quantities available, so seize this opportunity to create an aquatic masterpiece today!

Note: Actual product assortment may vary slightly based on availability.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Benjamin Zukerman
    Great assortment of botanicals

    This is perfect for anyone beginner or intermediate looking for a wide array of lovely botanicals. My tank looks so good with those huge pods providing shelter and the cones and leaves providing tannins. I'm saving some of the more interesting items for my new shrimp tank!

    Heidi Ripplinger
    Awesome Botanical Box

    So many great items in the box. Our shrimp are loving the additions to their tank.

    Amanda's Curated Botanical Box

    Happy Birthday, Amanda! Everything in the box was awesome! My shrimp will love it!