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All Natural Fish Recovery

Fish Recovery FW by Brightwell Aquatics is a natural product that is designed for the everyday hobbyist. Using medicine can be tricky and risky without experience or without a dedicated hospital tank. Most aquatic medicines can wipe out beneficial bacteria and cause endless issues within an aquarium if not dosed properly. Fish Recovery is designed to help all hobbyists that are new and uncomfortable with harsh medicines. Fish Recovery is a great alternative to medicine when dealing with sensitive livestock. 

Reason to Use: 

  • Herbal treatment for relief of common bacterial and fungal infections
    • Open sores
    • Ulcerations
    • Redness in fins and body
    • Cloudy eyes
    • Fin and tail rot
  • Made with natural oils and extracts to create a natural aquarium
  • Will strengthen slim coat on fish
    • Safe for invertebrates
    • Use for freshwater only


    • 125 ml  (4 oz) treats up to 250 gallons
    • 250 ml (8 oz) treats up to 500 gallons


    • For treatment add 5 ml (1 cap) everyday for a total of 7 days
    • For prevention (when adding new livestock) add 5 ml (1 cap) everyday for a total of 3 days

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Love Flip Aquatics!

    I was so happy with my order. I'd purchased some rasboras from a local shop. They looked a little rough and half of them died within two days, leaving me with two shy ones. I waited to make sure the remaining fish stayed healthy and then ordered from Flip Aquatics. The fish I got were so healthy and had better color. They schooled right up with the rest and now I have a healthy, vibrant, ravenous, bold
    school of Harlequin Rasboras. Plus I got some beautiful snails and I'd already gotten some fantastic plants and botanicals. I also ordered Daphnia and have them in a separate little tank.
    They're also doing great. I'm completely thrilled with my purchase and just recommended Flip to a coworker.

    Seems to be working

    So far I like my experience with this store

    Erma Jean Tracy
    OUTSTANDING! from the tank to my door

    So pleased with my White, Gold and Long Fin minnows. All arrived thriving and so vibrant. I just absolutely love the customer service team who answered all of my questions. Quick response! Ten stars! Already ordered again. The long fin minnows are underrated in aquarium life. Beautiful.

    Carla Tursick
    Keeping infection at bay

    I've hesitated giving a review until now so as not to seem negative, but I actually like the product so much, have been using it, always hoping for the best, which leads me to this review. My hesitation was because I have tried so may fish remedies on on huge pleco, who has had a gaping open wound for over two years with no previous product working at all. I tried your remedy, have been using it, probably too much, and it has been the only product that has even remotely helped in keeping the very deep sore from getting larger, and even sometimes appears to be minimizing the size, Sometimes, there even appears to be new skin growing, and that has been the blessing for the poor guy. I've been adding the product nearly every day to the large tank, with the 2 plecos, and I have not seen any harmful side effects, just the positive one of seemingy keeping the large (horrible!) wound in check. Love the product, it appears to be with natural ingredients, and I do feel it is the only remedy that has helped, even though not cured. Really believe a cure is not in the stars for the fish, but he is still thriving. Try this product!

    So far so good!

    I'm for anything preventative, natural, and using meds as a last resort in life and in tanks. I was happy to find this on the website, and Tyler at Flip was kind enough to add it to my existing order. Thanks guys!