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Alder Cones

You will receive either 10 or 30 alder cones. These cones are very similar to Indian Almond Leaves and act in a similar way. The cones are beneficial to shrimp, bettas, Apistogrammas and Corydoras species for their healing properties and ability to lower the Ph. 

Key Features:

  • Provides Natural Food Source for Ornamental Shrimp
  • Releases Tannin into the water which contains Healing Properties 
  • Lowers the pH slightly
  • Anti-fungal Properties to help fight off Infection
  • Creates Additional Hiding Places to Reduce Stress of baby Shrimp

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Shannon C.

These are perfect for shrimp and other aquarium fish that benefit from tannins

Cathy Locklin

I really like these adorable cones. I like a natural looking aquarium.

kevin smith

Alder Cones

Katie Pizziketti
Clean cones

As expected, well packaged, did not create debris

Tina Sweeney
Tina's Review of Alder Cones

I like the look they give my tanks, so little. They also seem to interest my little Ram Cichlid as he is always pecking away at one. I've heard that they are beneficial to your tanks because they release tannins which can lower the pH in my tanks, so that is why I purchased them. They may have tinted my water a tad bit, but I'm not sure because I also have a big wood piece in my tank. I don't mind a slightly tinted tank (as long as my parameters are correct) because it looks more natural to me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.