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Java Fern

Java fern is a great low light plant that is extremely hardy. It does not require much to thrive making it the perfect addition to any planted shrimp tank.  

You will receive one portion of Java Fern. Usually, this will include one plant with at least 4 leaves. Portion size may vary. 

Main Benefits:

  • Low light plant for easy maintenance
  • Helps convert toxins in the water and heavy metals into safe organics 
  • Promotes oxygen rich water
  • Provides hiding places for shrimp and baby shrimp

More Information: 

Java fern is another hardy plant. It is an aquatic fern that grow very well under low light. It can be easily attached to driftwood or rocks. The large green leaves look best attached to driftwood and growing up or down a branch. Often times, we will find java fern growing out of our sponge filters due to tiny plantlets breaking away from the mother. It propagates by either cutting the rhizome, horizontal shoots or by plantlets growing from the underside of leaves.

Java fern is extremely hardy and can survive in even hard water. We grow it with little attention under low light and no fertilizer dosing. It is a great plant for beginners. With all out plants, we mainly just allow them to float in the water or settle where they like. They do not need special soil or anything excessive. Java fern will accept most water parameters and thrive in stable conditions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Suzanne Long
Healthy Java Fern arrived in perfect condition

I received the Java Fern I ordered in perfect health with no thin spots or folding of the leaves at all. When planting it I discovered a baby too. :) How awesome is that! Having been disapointed with aquarium plants purchased online and elsewhere, I will definitely be ordering any and all of my aquarium needs from this business from now on. Flip Aquatics can be trusted to constantly provide best shipping, expert packaging, excellent communication and high quality live or dry products.

Chayada Wilhelmy

Falling in love with them.

Lisa Mathews

Excellent customer service! My Pea Puffer is healthy, plump and a little cutie. And my Java Ferns are large and beautiful. Everything was shipped quickly and arrived well packaged, safe and sound…THANK YOU!!

Cole L.
BIG Fern

I was incredibly happy with my order. I forgot they ship on certain days, so it took me 5 or so days before I got my stuff. Everything came in great condition and the packaging was super professional! However, the enormous java fern I got gave me some trouble with where to plant him, but it looks great. I will 100% order from this site again in the future and the Swedish Fish included in the package was the cherry-on-top of it all!

Several plants in these images were already in the tank.

Brendan Cullinane
Growing and Healthy!

I got this plant a few days ago along with some shrimp and moss. They were in tact and green when I got them, and they are still healthy and even growing some roots for new plants!