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Scarlet Badis

 Scarlet Badis are one of the most colorful nano fish we keep. They display some amazing red colors along with hints of gold. They prefer to have plenty of vegetation and decorations for hiding and hunting microorganisms.

Please Note: All fish shipments have a 100% Live Arrival Guarantee when shipping with Overnight (1 Day) option. All other options void our Live Arrival Guarantee for fish. 

Due to their aggressive nature and picky appetite, it is best to keep them in their own aquarium. Although, some have reported having success getting them with fish such as the Spotted Rasbora with success. 

The scientific name for the Scarlet Badis is Dario dario.

We feed our Scarlet Badis a mix of frozen baby brine shrimp, cyclops and daphnia. They can be quite picky eaters so it is important to watch them to ensure they are eating. Live foods is always a good option for these beautiful fish. 

Our Tank Parameters

  • Ph: 7.2 to 7.5
  • Gh: 8 to 16
  • Kh:  4 to 7
  • TDS: 180 to 250
  • Temp: 70 to 74

Tank Recommendations

  • Leaves: Indian Almond or Guava
  • Wood: Mopani
  • Cones: Alder Cones
  • Rocks: River stone or other smooth rocks

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Alberto Duran
Scarlet Badis!

These fish are amazing, they have such bright color. I have a 10 gallon tank with some red dragon guppies, neocaridina shrimp and anchor catfish. It's loaded with plants I decided to add 5 Scarlet Badis and they are doing very well. They are micro predators so very active when feeding and they just brighten up the tank. Great buy!

Great little guy

My scarlet badis arrived on time and he was also very healthy.

Antonio Castineiras
A fish with personality

Scarlet Badis is a miniature fish with a very interesting behavior. They behave like nano cichlids in a certain way. I can spend hours watching them. Males display their full colors when interacting with each other or even with their reflection in the glass.
I got seven (mostly males) to keep my cherry shrimp overpopulation under control and I think they are already doing a good job on the newborn shrimplets (sorry about that).
My tank conditions are: 17 gal, fully planted, lots of mosses on wood, 76.5 F, TDS 300, RO mineralized water. I avoid water changes because the shrimp don't like them. The Badis seem to be happy.
Feeding with home hatched brine shrimp and Daphnia.

Jason Molina
They’re beautiful

I purchased a pack of these badass guys and they’re all males and look so good and thriving

They should call it badass

Great beautiful little nano fish that is wonderful to watch. Definitely better to watch in large groups especially when they hunt for food