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Daphnia Culture - Live Food for Nano Fish or Fry

Daphnia are a great live food source for Nano fish such as Pea Puffers, Scarlet Badis and many others. Daphnia are easily cultured in the home aquarium making them an ideal live food for home hobbyists. Below we will outline how to culture daphnia as well as what fish they are best suited for. 

What fish are Daphnia suited for? 

Daphnia are a perfect food for almost any Nano fish.  When daphnia are born, the babies are about the size of a spec of dust. They are extremely small which makes them great for fry as well. A huge benefit to daphnia over other live foods is that they will not foul the water. Since daphnia live and breed in freshwater, they will not die in the home aquarium thus they will not pollute the water.

Many fish sold today come from the wild and are accustom to eating live foods. Daphnia make it easier for fish to make the adjustment from the wild to our home aquarium. 

Daphnia Setup

We recommended using a separate aquarium or container from your aquarium with fish to ensure the culture thrives. Our biggest advice is using a container that is wider than it is tall. The more surface area will allow a higher exchange of oxygen into the water. Daphnia prefer shallow water as well. We try to keep our colonies at 6 inches or less of water height. It is important to ensure that your water is aged prior to adding it into the colony. We recommend using water with GH and KH at a 2:1 ratio. The KH will ensure a stable pH and long term success of your colony. If you have soft water, you can add some crushed coral to stabilize the pH. Lastly, the addition of an air stone is needed to ensure good oxygen exchange. A filter is not needed as you should remove / add a small amount of water daily. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Sullivan Theodore
Best live food

Got these some weeks ago and now I have millions, the first 2 days I had half die off but by the 2nd week they were 4x and started another culture, did it just the way he stated and I am pleased. More food than I need in less than a month and I barely feed them anything just hi light 24hrs

Matthew Williams

I didn't count them but sure has to be at least 100 in there. Packaged great, couldn't spot any dead, awesome thank you!

Tim Taylor
My order was canceled?

It was never shipped, as I requested it to be canceled. I do not see my refund?

Great culture

As a last second perchase I decided to grab a culture of daphnia. The entire culture was still kicking when it got here. Not many of them made it past three days, (I couldn't resist feeding some out) but I feel confident that the ones that did will start to clone and I'll be swimming in "free" food in no time.

Healthy And Happy

My Daphnia culture is growing very rapidly again. I fed most of them to my fish, but they are coming back stronger than ever. They are very strong and resilient. I will be buying from Flip Aquatics again!