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Tangerine Tiger Shrimp

Tangerine Tiger Shrimp

You will receive tangerine tiger shrimp that are nearing breeding age.  The tangerine tiger is a brilliant orange with thin black stripes. A stunning tiger shrimp for any aquarium hobbyist. We sell tiger shrimp usually around half an inch. The smaller they are, the easier it is to acclimate them to a new aquarium. 

Tangerines tigers are one of those aquarium shrimp that look fantastic but are rather easy to keep. They are a brilliant orange color with thin black strips. We haven’t seen a major difference in coloration due to substrate colors (some species color up and breed better on different colored substrates). For how great they look, they are extremely tolerable to most tank conditions. Although, we have found that the Tangerine tigers do better in a Ph lower than 7. We keep these dwarf shrimp at the following conditions.

Scientific Name: Caridina serrata

Tank Parameters

  • Ph: 6.6 to 6.9
  • Gh: 6 to 7
  • Kh:  0 to 2
  • TDS: 130 to 160
  • Temp: 68 to 74

Tank Equipment

  • Filter: Matten Filter
  • Substrate: Brightwell Rio Escuro or Cafe Soil, Fluval Shrimp Stratum
  • Water: RO/DI Water remineralized with Salty Shrimp Gh+
  • Decor: Malaysian Driftwood, Java Moss and Indian Almond Leaves


Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews

Got some of these guys thinking they're gonna be more yellow like the thumbnail pictures but they're quite orange which would be more like their name lol I have no regrets cause these guys are my absolute favorite right now. They look like orange jelly candies or something like that lol so so cute. Flip never disappoints and I've made like 2 or 3 purchases from them already

Judith Bassett
Terrific Tangerines!

Arrived happy, transferred to tank successfully and love their new home. 🦐💕


I ordered these guys along with two others from here (5 fantasy blue dream shrimp, 1 red pinto shrimp - mixed) and I'll never be ordering from another site again! They were incredibly well packaged so they wouldn't get thrown around and even came with a little instruction guide on how to properly acclimate them, which I appreciate as a fairly new shrimp owner! They also sent me three extra shrimp on top of the ones I ordered, and all of them arrived alive and healthy! The colors are beautiful as well! They had netting in their bags so they had something to hold onto during shipping as well! Really above and beyond!!

Happy tigers

They came quickly and were in great shape. To hedge my bets, I am doing this review just about a week after purchase. So far so great though.

Herbert Kay

This was my first order and it was outstanding both and how it was packed and the shrimp themselves. They are all alive and well and bebopping around their new home. I will un-hesitatingly order from flip again.