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Anacharis is a great beginner plant if you have medium to high light in your aquarium. Anacharis is super easy to grow, either planted or floating. Anacharis has nice transparent green leaves. It is great at absorbing excess waste for the tank inhabitants. 

Also Known:  Elodea Najas

Care Level: Easy

Lighting Requirement: Medium

Co2: Not needed

Growth Rate: Fast

Origin: North and South America

Tank Placement: Midground-Background Or Floating

Most plants are sold as trimmings from rooted plants unless otherwise stated. All trimmings will be at least 3" in height unless otherwise noted.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Katie Eaton
Good Quality

The plants arrived green and healthy. I got about 4 stems from my one order. Good quality and quantity.

Jarred Abernathy
Lovely plant, packaged well.

Very pleased. Its growing and healthy.

Conor Martin
Awesome service.

Both the shrimp and fish came healthy. Fish food products are top notch, I will continue to support Flip Aquatics in the future. Flip Aquatics is now my #1 go to for shrimp/fish and the supplies to support them.

Perfect Plant

These plants came very well packaged and super healthy. They looked picture perfect. I've had them in my new tank and my shrimp tank and they are thriving and growing fast. In 2 weeks I swear they have grown about 2 inches or more in low-tech tanks. My shrimp love, it and the way they look in the tank is perfect. Great everything flip aquatics thank you.

Landen Kulp
Amazing plant

It might not be my favorite, but it’s an incredible plant. Grows easy and fast what more could you want