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Teddy Bear Cholla Wood

Teddy Bear Cholla wood is identical to regular cholla wood although it is much thicker. The wood is quite rare as it takes more time for the cholla plants to reach the size needed to harvest such thick wood. 

Cholla wood is the skeleton of a cholla plant after it dies. The cholla wood is made up of a ton of holes and is hollow through the center which provides a natural cover for shrimp to hide. A big benefit of cholla wood is the fact that it grows biofilm which is a main food source for shrimp. It also releases tannins into the water, similarly to Indian Almond leaves and other natural products. Cholla wood is a softwood and will eventually break down in the aquarium. This can take many months and up to 2 years depending on size and thickness.

When added directly to an aquarium it will float and usually takes 24-48 hours to sink. To sink cholla wood immediately, it can be boiled for 2-5 minutes. Cool the wood before adding it directly to the aquarium. 

Key Features:

  • Shelter for Shrimp and Baby Shrimp
  • Creates Surface Area for Bio-film and Bacterial to Grow On
  • Releases Beneficial Tannin into the Water which Simulates the Natural Habitat of Shrimp
  • Natural Feeding Ground for Shrimp of all Types

All around this wood makes a great natural decoration with the dual purpose of shelter and a food source for shrimp.


Customer Reviews

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Cholla Wood

My usual resource was taking a break. However, I am happy to have found you. The cholla wood is so thick it probably won’t break down for over a year in my tank. You have become my new go to and will definitely try more of your products. THANKS!

Jeff S.
Teddy Bear Cholla Wood

Very nice cholla wood. Larger than I expected, my fish love it. Definitely will purchase a few more.

Patrick Doyle
Bigger Is Beter!

I'm a first time Flip Aquatics customer and I was not disappointed. The Teddy Bear Cholla Wood is much bigger in diameter than I was expecting and delighted at what I received. While I am new to freshwater shrimp, I have had tanks my whole life from 5 gallon mayonnaise jars breeding guppies in the 60's to 300 gallon saltwater monsters. My current project is a 20 gallon long bonsai driftwood shrimp tank. I am so delighted to have found Flip Aquatics. I love their success story!

Cody Leland

Teddy Bear Cholla Wood

Dean Giroux
Excellent Quality Service

I purchased pea puffers and all came in live and healthy. Ordered 10 and received 12. After a couple weeks, all thriving and fun to watch.