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Tropica Lagenandra Meeboldii 'Red'

This plant is originally from India and is quite similar to a medium-sized, broad-leaved Cryptocoryne. It can be used in the aquarium like Cryptocorynes, but needs sufficient light to develop colours.
The leaves are 4-8 cm wide and 6-12 cm long, so the whole plant becomes relatively wide.
The colours range from dusty green with bright violet to red-violet often on the same leaf. New leaves are pale pink.

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Brewer
Fast service with healthy plants

However plants themselves were tiny and sort of underwhelming. I'd expect more for 60 bucks

Hey Nicholas,
Thank you so much for your order and review. Sorry the plants weren't up to your liking. We'd love to talk more about this and try to make it right. If you were interested email us at Hope you have a great day.