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Taiwan Lily

Taiwan Lily

The Taiwan Lily (Nymphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan') is a fantastic aquarium plant for those who want to add a green background accent to their tank. They are wildly popular among beginners, as they do not require an expensive set-up to thrive, but also among experienced aquarium owners because their green fan-like leaves function as beautiful ornaments.

For whom is the Taiwan Lily suited?

The Taiwan Lily is a staple in most aquaria, as they can function as a fantastic focal point thanks to their unique appearance. On top of that, fish and shrimps seem to love hiding between the dense leaves. Because they don't require any special care, they are especially well-suited for beginners.

What are they like?

These water lilies are fast-growing, quickly filling up the tank with their beautiful, green leaves. Once the leaves mature, more plantlets will grow from them, allowing them to fill up your tank quickly. If this is not desired, we recommend removing the older leaves occasionally.

The ideal conditions for the Taiwan Lily

As previously described, the Taiwan Lily is a low-maintenance plant, perfectly suited for both beginners and experts. They do not require intense lighting or fertilizer supplementation, though it will significantly promote their growth. As for the water temperature, 15 °C – 32 °C seems to be best for these green beauties. They also seem to thrive in both hard and soft water, and both slightly acidic or alkaline water is fine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Spencer Oughton
Handsome Plant

Arrived in good condition and seems to be taking well to my tank. It's a nice color contrast from the darker plants in my tank.

Lyka Reyes

I loved the Taiwan lily. Came nicely packaged and is now doing very well in my tank

Alan Tse

Taiwan Lily and Anubis hastifolia arrived in excellent condition, been quarantined and ready to be planted in my tanks

Brian Holdridge
Beautiful plant

Plant arrived in good shape and pretty big. The lily seems to be doing well in the tank its in. If the plants like the tank, will buy more.

Ian Campbell
Taiwan Lilly

I have ordered many fish/shrimp/plants from Flip Aquatics and they always arrive in excellent condition, this was no exception the plant had nice roots and took to my aquarium quickly, I'll definitely be ordering again!