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Shrimp King Snow Pops

Shrimp King Snow Pops is a type of snow flake food. It is a great food that encourages grazing and provides a 24 hour food source for shrimp. This is a great food for newly set up shrimp tanks as there is less natural food for shrimp to graze on. This is also a great food for baby shrimp as it provides a constant food source when present in the shrimp tank. 

Why Shrimp King is the Best Food for Breeding Shrimp: 

  • Breaks Easy allowing for Feeding in Small Amounts
  • Flakes Apart in the Water which Reduces Aggression during Feeding
  • Without artificial preservatives and colorants, without fish meal
  • Proven Food for Ornamental Shrimp by Breeders Across the World

Size: 40g

Ingredients: Soya bran

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 13.4%, crude fat 4.2%, crude fibre 32.9%, crude ash 4.8%


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shrimp King Snow Pops

My Crystal Red Shrimps love them the snow pops. My Red Cherry Shrimp are still shy about them but they eventually get to it. I only put a little amount for my Opae Ula so I do not see them going after that. But the Opae Ula will destroy the algae pop when the lights go out.

Mike B.

Shrimp King Snow Pops

William A Silbernagel
Bow Pops

I have a relatively new 9 gallon cube with 6 Neocardina and their 80 babies. They all go nuts when I drop in the pops. Since it falls apart when picked on, the adults can't keep the babies away.

Richard Marshall
Shrimp food

Great product

Carmen Vanasperen
Love the dwarf lilies

Every thing is great as always. Would love to get some Java moss