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Shrimp King Snail Stixx

Shrimp King Snail Stixx is a complete food for all snails. This is a great complete food for all snails including rabbit snails, Malaysian trumpet snails and ramshorn snails. Containing many vegetables and added calcium, snail stixx is a superior food to others on the market. Snail Stixx is a crucial tool for rabbit snail breeders. 

Why Shrimp King is the Best Food for Breeding Shrimp: 

  • Breaks Easy allowing for Feeding in Small Amounts
  • Flakes Apart in the Water which Ensures all Snails get Food
  • Added Calcium for Healthy Shell Development
  • All Minerals for Healthy Snail Growth and Breeding

Size: 45g

Ingredients: Carrots, kelp algae, tomatoes, spinach, bacterial protein from Corynebacterium glutamicum, rice, calcium carbonate

Analytical constituents: 21.5% crude protein, 2.0% crude fat, 6.0% crude fibre, 16.8% crude ash


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kurt Brutting
Shrimp King Snail Stixx

I love this food and so do my snails. I drop a couple sticks in my aquariums and my mystery snails, nerite snails, and trumpet snails do leave a bite left by morning! Great quality, packed extremely well, and fast shipping! Thank you Flip Aquatics!

Rachel Z

Snails and shrimp love this. Ramshorns and mystery snails along with neo shrimp. One stick and there’s nothing left at the end of the day. I use this about once a week

Ramshorns and pond snail approved

My ramshorns and pond snails immediately ate the stix - happy with purchase!

Mark Rathke
Snail stix

Both my Mystery Snails and Neocaridina shrimp enjoyed the Shrimp King Snail Stix.

Jillian Taylor
Snail Crack!

Snails LOVE this stuff!!!