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Shrimp King Moringa Pops

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Shrimp King Moringa Pops is a food made of mainly soy but contains the appropriate amount of moringa leaves and fennel. These two ingredients are not seen often in shrimp food which make this food somewhat rare in the hobby. Moringa leaves have more than five times the value of vitamin C compared to an orange. Fennel is very high in calcium which will help keep shrimp exoskeletons healthy and well developed. 

Why Shrimp King is the Best Food for Breeding Shrimp: 

  • Breaks Easy allowing for Feeding in Small Amounts
  • Flakes Apart in the Water which Reduces Aggression during Feeding
  • Supports Molting and Strong Shells
  • Added Calcium for Easy Molting
  • Extra Minerals for Healthy Shrimp Breeding and Keeping

Size: 45g

Ingredients: Soya bran, fennel (5%), moringa oleifera (1%)

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 17.3%, crude fat 4.7%, crude fibre 28.3%, crude ash 7.0%


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Richard Marshall
King Moringa Pops

As soon as they land on the bottom of tank you can see the shrimp coming. Fun to watch

Big Hit

My red cherry shrimps dove right into this Pop. Within a short matter of time there was nothing left for the bacteria to grow on n the tank.

Different awesome and fun to watch food

Like all the shrimp king stuff this is great. I fed it as a sometimes treat. This one is fun for everyone it puffs up to triple it's size shortly after reaching bottom and flakes apart so everyone gets some. The kids enjoy watching the puffing up part almost as much as the shrimp enjoy eating it.