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Shrimp King Baby

Shrimp King Baby is a complete food for the growth of baby shrimp. It is in powdered form which helps ensure that the food find the baby shrimp instead of the baby shrimp having to find the food. Shrimp King Baby does this by floating through the water column until it find a resting place. The hope is that the food covers all services so that it is easy for the baby shrimp to feed. 

Why Shrimp King is the Best Food for Breeding Shrimp: 

  • Breaks Easy allowing for Feeding in Small Amounts
  • Flakes Apart in the Water which Reduces Aggression during Feeding
  • Without artificial preservatives and colorants, without fish meal
  • Proven Food for Ornamental Shrimp by Breeders Across the World

Size: 35g

Ingredients: Insect proteins, wheat flour, wheat protein, krill meal, cuttlefish meal, spinach, maize, yeast, betaine, kale, inulin, salmon oil, Moringa oleifera, spirulina algae, garlic, mannan-oligosaccharides, ß-glucans
Additives per kg: Colourings: 250 mg E 161j astaxanthin


Analytical constituents: 49.5% crude protein, 10.2% crude fat, 4.4% crude fibre, 6.4% crude ash

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Patty LeCroy

Shrimp King Baby

Chris Rahman
Shrimp King Baby

My shrimp love this! The adults will eat this like crazy! The babies are hidden but I know they are eating it as well. I mix it in the water to make sure they get to eat as well.

miles griswold
This is the best of the best I 100% recommend

The babies eat it up in no time.

Michael A Clark
Good baby shrimp food

The shrimp seem to love the food.

No mess, powder,no big piles of leftovers, even the adults help clean it up.

Dave Giles
A great baby food!

I love the way it evenly disperses throughout the tank, getting amongst the plants and rocks so even the babies that are hiding can eat, even the adults seem to love it.