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Shrimp King Atyopsis

Shrimp King Atyopsis is a complete food for fan feeding shrimp or invertebrates like the Thia Micro Crab. This food has helped us keep our micro crabs successfully. This food is designed for all shrimp that feed through fanning. It also could serve as a great shrimp baby food. 

Why Shrimp King is the Best Food for Breeding Shrimp: 

  • Powdered food for easy feeding
  • Eliminates aggression when feeding because the food spreads throughout the tank
  • Without artificial preservatives and colorants, without fish meal
  • Complete food that is specific to the growth and development of invertebrates 

Size: 40g

Ingredients: Shrimp flour meal, wheat flour, lucerne, spirulina algae (10%), fish oil, brewer’s yeast, calcium carbonate

Analytical constituents: 33.0% crude protein, 2.0% crude fat, 6.5% crude fibre, 12.0% crude ash

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brett Allen Smith

Shrimp King Atyopsis

Patty Sandbrook
Great product and fast service

My bamboo shrimp seem to really like this food. Th e baby shrimp in the tank are going for it too.

Rebecca Witherow
Fast delivery

The shrimp food was packaged very well and delivery was super fast!

R Serva
Shrimp food

Got it fast. Shrimp seem to be eating. Waiting for babies.

Jacob Kinney
Shrimp reluctant at first, but now feeds readily

Works great. Just make sure you get a small pipette and a small mixing cup