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Drip Acclimation Kits

Drip acclimation kits are essential to proper acclimation of freshwater shrimp or fish. It is important to acclimate shrimp slowly to their new aquarium over the course of a couple hours. Drip acclimation kits are a must have for hobbyist that want to properly acclimate shrimp or fish. 


  • 1 - water flow valve
  • 1 - plastic spring clamp
  • 1 - 3 ft piece of airline tubing

Proper Acclimation: 

  • Do not float breather bags in the aquarium
  • Residue is usually present on the bags which can be toxic to an aquarium
  • Breather bags in water actually can suffocate your shrimp or fish if left for extended period of time
  • Place bag in clean container then float 
  • After 30 min to 1 hour, remove shrimp or fish from bag and place in a container. 
  • Drip 1 drop of tank water per second into the container using the acclimation kit
  • Once there is double the water that you had originally began with, the shrimp or fish are ready for their new home

Note: If there are dead shrimp or fish in the bag, it is important to get the live ones out of the bag and out of the old water as soon as possible. In this event, acclimation can actually cause more harm. You need to insure the temperature of the aquarium and bag are similar. Once confirmed, it is okay to add the shrimp or fish to the aquarium. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Donna Carrillo
Drip Acclimation Kit

I have yet to use it! Just wanted to have it on hand for when I need it. I was told that Otos were a delicate fish and didn’t take well to changes in water temperatures, ph, etc. But so far they seem to be rather hardy and even eat foods that I was told that they wouldn’t. So haven’t felt inclined to use the Drip Acclimation kit yet.

This kit is awesome!

I'm very pleased with this kit! Only problem I had was getting it started! I didn't want to suck on it and end up with a moutful of fish water! I found if I used a syringe (which fits in the end of the tube perfectly) to draw the water it takes right off! I love the little clap! I wish I could buy extras of them!

Michael N
Drip kit

The drip kit worked well! The tube was flexible and not the cheap hard tubes at the big box stores.

Def a must have

LAURA George
Drip kit


Sean Bohlke
A must have.

A must have! It realy simplifies acclimating your shrimp once they arrive.