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Anubias Nana Narrow Leaf

Anubias Nana Narrow Leaf is a variation of Anubias nana that grows in a more compact fashion and has a much narrower leaf structure. Narrow leaf Anubias is a great beginner plant for a wide range or water and light parameters. This plant is suited for multiple planting options, we prefer attaching it to rocks or driftwood, but it can still be planted in the substrate as long as the rhizome is not buried. These plants sturdy nature allows it to be planted with some larger fish without fear of it being damaged. 

You will receive one portion of Anubias barteri var. nana 'narrow leaf'. Usually, this will include one plant with at least 4 leaves. Portion size may vary.

Main Benefits: 

  • Low light plant for easy maintenance
  • Easy to attach to decoration in the tank for easy growth 
  • Helps convert toxins in the water and heavy metals into safe organics  
  • Promotes oxygen rich water 
  • Provides hiding places for shrimp and baby shrimp 


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Edward Rose
Another hit

Beautiful healthy plants,,expertly hand!ed. Seems like a theme with you people!

Rachael Gustafson
Really impressed with quality

Healthiest Anubias I have seen, very green and looks great in the tank

James Sarantakis
Need a little help.

The Anubias is looking fine came in great. I just started a brand new tank for blue bolts that’s is currently cycling at 120tds using the beeshrimp gh+ ada Amazonia soil and few plants. My red root floaters seem to be melting away so far in the first week. Is there anything else I need to change or add to get ready for my blue bolts in about a 4-6 weeks.

Brent Randolph
Anubias Nana Narrow Leaf

Plant looks good, and well rooted

What a nice plant!

The plant I got was very robust, and large! Excellent packaging, fast shipping, I will be a repeat customer!