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Assassin Snails

Assassin snails are one of the most effective ways to remove pest snails in a small aquarium. They stay small in size and breed rather slowly making it easy to control their population. Assassin snails are pretty hardy which make them a great addition to almost all conditions. 

The assassin snails will be near adult size which is usually around 1/4 of an inch.

Main Benefits:

  • Great way to remove unwanted snails in an aquarium
  • Known to eat shrimp on rare occasions 
  • Burrow into the substrate and help prevent gas buildups 
  • Hardy so they can adjust to most water parameters 

When Receiving Snails: 

  1. Place the snails in a corner of the tank and make a mental note where they were place
  2. Watch the snails over 7 days, if they do not move remove them from the aquarium
  3. Give the snails a smell and if they stink, then they are dead
  4. If they do not smell, add them back to the aquarium and give it another 3 days
  5. It is common for snails to burrow into the substrate and disappear from sight

Please note: During shipping, snails sometimes go into a hibernation-like state and may not become fully active for up to a week once acclimated to your aquarium. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Lacy Silver
Assassin snails

I personally enjoy having snails in aquarium many of them are helpful for cleaning plants of algea and dieing leaves and some even churn the soil and gravel like earth worms ( if you have a planted tank). But sometimes pest type snails get out of control in numbers. One day I realized I had 4 types of snails in my tank and far more snails than anything else. The mystery snails eat soft plants and reproduce in tons and I had pond snails and 2 types of rams horns all of which hitch hacked in on plants I bought from different places. So I ordered a few lovely assassin snails to help clean up the tank a bit and keep the numbers more manageable. I've had them for about a week or 2 and I can already see the difference in the tank. Assassin snails have a detailed pattern shell, they eat other snails as well as algea and reproduce slowly. Seems like a perfect fit in my 20 gallon planted tank.

Eric pearlman
Assassin Snails

I received one more than ordered, very quickly, all in perfect health and of descent size. After several hrs of drip acclimatization i placed them in their new home. They all immediately started their new lives, hunting or burrowing. Now after sbout a week the out of control pest snail population is obviously diminished. My only mistake was not ordering them sooner😜

Cute little critters

I ordered an assassin snail to help control a population of bladder snails in my betta's tank. I was worried since we had a drop in temperature after I ordered and I was afraid the snail might not arrive safely. Two healthy, happy assassin snails arrived at my house today. The packaging was fantastic, very well cushioned and insulated. The snails are cuter than I expected, and have been busy exploring their new home. Hopefully they'll work up a good appetite.

Emily DeMott-Simpson
They live up to their name

I have had a huge ramshorn problem since last year, and decided to refresh my betta tank by upgrading with a brand new one. SOMEHOW eggs snuck in and boom, problem is not solved. Or it wasn't. In the first 3 hours of having the snails (I ordered 2, received 3, all alive) they had murked at least 5 ramshorns. I'm very happy with these little assassins, they do good murder.

Kayla Amaral

Active Healthy Snails!