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20 Red Cherry Shrimp

20 Pack of Red Cherry Shrimp (RCS)

You will receive twenty (20) red cherry shrimp. Our imported cherry shrimp are mostly solid red and have amazing coloration. Cherry shrimp can take up to 3 weeks to color up after shipping. The stress of shipping combined with the darkness of the shipping box can result in the shrimp losing their color. 

Cherry shrimp in general have been in the hobby for a long time. They are accustomed to aquarium life and therefore are relatively easy to keep. If you are looking for an easier shrimp option or just getting into the hobby, amano shrimp are the hardiest shrimp we offer and can serve as an amazing cleanup grew for your aquarium. 

Grading Cherry Shrimp

The grading of cherry shrimp is as follows. Cherry shrimp in general refers to the lowest grade of Red Neocaridina aquarium shrimp. Regular cherry shrimp are generally pretty clear. Sakura cherry shrimp are a more intense red color. While still possessing clear patches, Sakura shrimp are more solid in color than regular cherry shrimp. Fire red shrimp is the next grade and refers to shrimp that are completely red. Painted Fire Red shrimp are the last and highest grade. Painted fire red shrimp are completely solid in color and have no transparent patches. Painted fire red shrimp usually have red legs as well. 

Tank Parameters

  • Ph:7.0 to 7.6
  • Gh: 7 to 15
  • Kh:  2 to 8
  • TDS: 180 to 400
  • Temp: 68 to 72

Tank Equipment

  • Filter: Matten Filter
  • Substrate: Pool Filter Sand, Inert Plant substrate
  • Water: RO/DI Water remineralized with Salty Shrimp GH/KH+
  • Decor: Malaysian Driftwood, Java Moss and Indian Almond Leaves


Customer Reviews

Based on 303 reviews
Ryan Odrick

I love my shrinp! I appreciate the way it was packaged with care. They were so active & I truly appreciated the surprise in the box that was thoughtful. I will be ordering from you guys alot!

Rolf Thomas
Fantastic Flip

Perfect order! 22 reds sent & all arrived in excellent condition. Thanks

Bill Murphy
Awesome Shrimp!

Even after a rough delivery issue/delay (post office forgot this LIVE ANIMAL package on a shelf) ALL shrimp arrived alive, lived through acclimation, and are now thriving in my aquariums. Many of these red Cherry shrimp colored up really well and some, I believe, would qualify as Bloody Mary grade!

Mostly arrived alive

Was a little worried when they shipped Tuesday and kept tracking them and they seemed stuck in the USPS system. Got them on Saturday. Only a couple died and they were packaged well.

L. K.
Great Price!

I ordered the red shrimp. They were all alive when I received them. They are still doing well. They were exactly as described and were shipped quickly. I would definitely order from Flip Aquatics again when I need more fish or shrimp.